Submissions by Canadian and international writers are accepted for consideration all year. Writers may submit their work only once per calendar year in any given genre  (contests excepted).

Creative nonfiction is literary writing based in fact; style matters no less than substance, whatever form the writing may take  (e.g., the personal essay, memoir, biography, travel writing, historical  account). We do not accept submissions whose primary purpose is to argue a case or to offer an opinion or commentary on someone or something; there are other forums that publish such work.

  • Submissions of a single previously unpublished work of creative nonfiction may be up to 5,000 words in length.
  • Or you may submit one to three pieces of up to 1,000 words each (short creative nonfiction).
  • For translated creative nonfiction, translators should include a copy of the original(s) with the submission and supply (or be able to supply) evidence of permission to publish their translations.
  • Please make your submission in a single .doc, .docx, or .pdf file (double-spaced and paginated).
  • On the first page specify the number of words in each piece submitted.
  • Please also include your complete contact information (name, full  mailing address, email address, telephone number) on the first page of your submission.

In the Title field please insert the title of your story or, in the case of shorter submissions, the number of pieces followed by "flash cnf(s)": e.g., 1 flash cnf; 3 flash cnfs. For translations, please include "(in translation)" after the work's title or after the number of flash cnfs: e.g., On Unpacking My Library (in translation) OR 2 short cnfs (in translation).

In the Cover Letter field please include the following information: your name, full  mailing address, email address, telephone number; the title(s) of the piece(s) submitted with a word count, and a short biographical note. For statistical purposes, please make sure to indicate your  province/state and/or country of origin in your cover letter.

Response times will vary from one to nine months after the date of submission.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.